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Originally posted on Limebird Writers:
No, the Limebird site hasn’t moved into real estate; today I am going to be talking about that venerable article the ’fix-up’ novel. The subject came up on Neeks’ recent post ‘Short Story Writing‘ in…

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Peering into the Dark!

The Terran Dream Archive website now has its own blog “Peering into the Dark”. Today’s post, a sneak preview of the cover of “The Poring Dark” Go and take a look!

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Grandfather Audio Version now available

The audio version of my poem “Grandfather” (first heard on StarShipSofa 229) is now available on my website. Go to to listen to the poem. Then go to to hear the whole podcast!

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Short Story – Carine

My short story “Carine” has just gone live at Itch Magazine (Itch e.10) Why not take a look!

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Rip It Up And Start Again

Rip It Up And Start Again. Here is my article on the Limebird Writers site; where I talk about alternative political systems in science fiction and how politics/society can be a source of plot inspiration for the writer.

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Movie Review – It Came from Outer Space

This review first appeared in audio form on the good ship StarShipSofa. To hear it in my dulcet tones, along with plenty more science fiction goodness, go to Here, for the more visually inclined, is the text version… ———————————————————————————————– … Continue reading

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