Green Grass

The audio version of my poem “Green Grass” has finally made it to my website at

It was first podcast as part of the “Poetry Planet” feature of StarShipSofa. The full podcast can be found at



About dmlbooks

Dennis M. Lane is a British writer who left the shores of the UK in 1986 and hasn’t looked back since; he has now lived in South Africa for eleven years. His first poetry collection “8 Million Stories” was published in November 2010, followed by the collection of science fiction poetry and short stories “The Poring Dark” in September 2012 (two of the poems have been nominated for the 2013 Rhysling Award and another for the Dwarf Stars Award), his first novel “Talatu” in March 2013, and “The King’s Jewel” the first book in the five novel “Helix Key” series in August 2013. He is currently working on Helix Key Book 2 and a second collection of short stories (entitled "The Unmedicated"). When not writing, Dennis enjoys narrating and voice acting and recently set up Dramatic Voice Productions in order to take his interest further. To relax Dennis watches old movies from his extensive DVD collection, his three loves being science fiction B movies, Hong Kong martial arts, and anime. He has been presenting “A Review from the Jacaranda City” since May 2011 and has looked at classic old movies from “On The Beach” to “Creature from the Black Lagoon”.
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4 Responses to Green Grass

  1. Have you submitted this (or any other audio poems to the Missouri Review audio competition? Just wondering

    • dmlbooks says:

      I haven’t (know nothing about it).

      Thanks for the heads up Gabi.

      • You’re welcome, and good luck. I’m trying to record a short story of my own. Your seem to be pretty good quality (the recordings as well as the poems). What software do you use? Or is it done professionally?

    • dmlbooks says:

      I use “Audacity” to record my work, it is free and easy to use.

      My early stuff was recorded on a simple set of headphones, but I now have a better microphone. However, with Audacity, a reasonable result can be had with pretty much anything!

      Good luck with your narration!

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